Windows 10 Pro X64 3in1 19H1 OEM ESD pt-BR AUG-30 2019 Torrent

Windows 10 Pro X64 3in1 19H1 OEM ESD pt-BR AUG-30 2019

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Windows 10 Pro X64 3in1 19H1 OEM ESD pt-BR AUG-30 2019

Windows 10 Pro X64 3in1 19H1 OEM ESD pt-BR AUG-30 2019

* Windows 10 Pro X64 3-en-1 19H1 OEM ESD pt-BR 30 août 2019

* Version 1903 Construire

* Enregistrements:

* Taille: 3,73 Go

* Format: ISO amorçable

* CRC32: 6dd508e2

* MD5: 6ce067958c742493281fc303e33f57ea

* SHA-1: 42d498a632f671700a4314ff5cc787e6a71bede7


Intégré / pré-installé:

* Mise à jour de la pile de service:

* KB4515530

* Mises à jour cumulatives:

* KB4512941

* Mises à jour cumulatives pour

* .NET Framework et:

* KB4511555

* Mise à jour de sécurité de Flash Player:

* KB4503308

SetupComplete / Post-installation:

* . NET Framework

* Mise à jour de Windows Defender


* Windows 10 Professionnel – STD

* Windows 10 Professionnel – POUR

* Windows 10 Professionnel – OEM

* STD = Installation standard: pour ceux qui ont leur propre clé de licence

* DLA = Activer la licence numérique (HWID)

* OEM: sera activé automatiquement s’il est installé

* Même version en équipement d’origine

* UEFI prêt

* (Utilisez l’utilitaire USB Rufus intégré pour le rendre bootable UEFI)

* Outil de diagnostic et de réparation (Microsoft DaRT)

* compressé au format de récupération ()

* Créez une clé USB bootable (fortement recommandée) avec Rufus,

* (installé) ou graver sur DVD-R à vitesse lente.

* WindowsAddict, auteur du script d’activation Windows

* J’espère que vous apprécierez cette version!

* Votre santé,

* Génération2.

Windows 17 ( Windows 10 ) Pro x64 v1703 Build 15063 Torrent Télécharger

Windows 17 ( Windows 10 ) Pro x64 v1703 Build 15063

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Windows 17 ( Windows 10 ) Pro x64 v1703 Build 15063

Windows 17 ( Windows 10 ) Pro x64 v1703 Build 15063

Information: –

Nom: – Windows 17 Pro

Source: – Windows 10, version 1703, build 15063

Auteur: – Khatmau_sr

Crédit: – Soft4Win pour la production ISO

Activation: – Pratiqué

Description: –

La ressource est créée à partir de Windows 10 version 1703 Build 15063 avec quelques modifications de fenêtre pour atteindre la vitesse la plus rapide, mais toujours adaptée à tous les utilisateurs. J’ai pris le nom de Windows 17 car la racine est Windows 10, mais l’interface est de style Windows 7.
Windows 10 X64 1909 10in1 OEM ESD en-US APRIL 2020 {Gen2} Torrent Télécharger

Composants supprimés: –

Applications Windows

Windows Defender


Ce qui est ajouté: –

Restaurez la barre de lancement traditionnelle avec plus de personnalisations.

L’interface de l’Explorateur a également été modifiée pour faciliter la gestion et la gestion des fenêtres.

Logiciel installé: –

Bureau 2016

Police complète





VC ++ Activer .Net

Visionneuse de photos Windows

Beaucoup de changements pour rendre les fenêtres rapides et faciles

Windows, Office et d’autres logiciels sont activés.

Capture d’écran: -.

Adobe Photoshop 7 Update download free torrent

Adobe Photoshop 7

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Adobe Photoshop 7

Adobe Photoshop 7

An easy way to update Adobe Photoshop! Adobe Photoshop Update is the perfect way to fix errors, improve compatibility between multiple programs, and run Adobe Photoshop faster. If you’ve used older versions of the program, it’s important to upgrade Photoshop to take advantage of various benefits. According to developers and users around the world, this update will improve the speed, functionality, and creative compatibility of Adobe Photoshop, improve compatibility, and add additional benefits! The Adobe Photoshop update is used to address various issues that have been identified since the release of Adobe Photoshop. This Photoshop update is intended to address many of the issues that result from extensive use of Photos. Updating Photoshop can also fix a number of bugs and errors. You also have more tools for editing images and opening multiple tabs without affecting system performance. Although the update is only available in English and must be downloaded manually, it is a good choice for Adobe CC (function () {(‘Check App Page Desktop’;}); does it fix bug fixes? Photoshop 7. There are some bugs. The Adobe Photoshop update improves program compatibility, especially with QuarkXPress. For the best image quality, you can work with a variety of online editing tools. After you install the update, when you start the program, you’ll notice that all the editing tools appear on the left side of the screen. FocusOn Image Viewer. You can use a variety of editing tools with Adobe Photoshop. Once you understand the concepts of the program, you can’t deny the benefits of the upgrade. It gives you additional tools, including brushes, to add color to black-and-white or black-and-white images. You can also highlight specific areas of the installation update. Most program functions work better and automatically adjust various parameters to improve image quality.
This saves a lot of time. With a secure file browser, you can scan numerous files in seconds. As a result, you can easily edit multiple images at once, downloading the update faster. This update is a big patch compared to previous versions and versions of the program. It includes a number of fixes and hotfixes that were not released in previous updates. By installing this update, you can customize the installation to the latest version. The focus was on scaling issues, JPEG metadata corrections, and obvious errors; Adobe has placed great emphasis on stability and security. Therefore, the update addresses some common vulnerabilities that occur when you install the update after you deploy Adobe Photoshop. Users do not risk infecting viruses and malware when connecting to remote servers. In terms of stability, the update fixes smaller but annoying crashes. It provides various hardware configurations for Windows Updateconsistent performance and includes a variety of performance enhancements, including better compatibility across 64-bit platforms. With accelerated performance, the ability to open multiple windows at once, resize images faster, and avoid scalability, Adobe Photoshop is one of the most useful and amazing software solutions in the category of graphics editing and enhancement. Compared to programs like GoPro Fusion Studio, Photoshop receives updates on a regular basis. Over time, it has provided customers with a stable and reliable service. This special update is only available on Windows computers. Because it is a lightweight installation package, it does not affect system performance. In fact, it ensures that Photoshop does not put a lot of pressure on other system resources, and allows you to work with other programs without using Photoshop. This update gives you efficient and correct access to the Favorites section, the Open dialog box, and other such features. You can also use a simple interface that shows everything to the left of the Adobe Photoshop update. The main purpose of updating Adobe Photoshop is to provide you with better stability and performance. This update is reported to be as expected and will hopefully ensure compatibility with newer versions of Photoshop within seconds. As mentioned earlier, Adobe Photoshop Update solves many problems. Whether you’re experiencing severe delays or minor issues, this update is a great choice. Various improvements have been made, including better compatibility with QuarkXPress, faster opening of more tabs, scaling errors, and more. Additionally, you can save JPEG metadata properly. Undoubtedly, Adobe Photoshop Update is essential for computers with Microsoft Photoshop..

MS Paint 64bit download

MS Paint

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MS Paint

MS Paint

Free graphics and painting software MS Paint is a free computer program created by Microsoft that allows you to create image files and edit image files stored on your computer. You can also use Microsoft Paint or Paint, as it is called, to quickly add text to images. It’s not the most advanced graphics / painting program available, but is it a cult to follow among Painti fans who are over? The first version of MS Paint was introduced by Microsoft along with the first version of Windows, Windows 1985. It has since been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10. Over the years, the program has undergone various updates to include advanced features developed. of Windows computers. The biggest update came from Windows start (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Due to its simplicity, ease of use and the fact that it came with every Windows machine, Paint quickly became one of the most widely used applications in earlier versions of Windows. It introduced a large number of people so that they could paint on a computer for the first time. In 2019, fans of the aging application feared that Microsoft would discontinue MS Paint in the planned 1903 1903 update to Windows 10. This was followed by a hot Twitter discussion. Paint continued survival requests were met when Microsoft confirmed that it would not be discontinued and would remain available after the update. However, the program was marked as “disconnected” in the new update, which means that it will no longer be actively updated. Is MS Paint free? MS Paint is completely free and should already be on your Windows computer (located in the Accessories folder in the Windows Start menu). If you do not have Paint on your computer, it may not be easier to install it. Just download and run the .exe file and MS Paint will open automatically. Users with the latest version of Windows 10 can try the Microsoft update to the classic Paint 3D application. It contains both basic and advanced art tools for creating not only unique 2D art but also 3D objects. Microsoft Paint for Mac does not exist. Mac users are encouraged to download the user-friendly and lightweight brush for Mac OS. What is MS Paint used for? Microsoft Paint is a simple raster graphics editor. It opens and saves files in Windows bitmap (BMP), JPEG, GIF, PNG and single-sided TIFF formats. The program can be in color mode or two-tone black and white, but there is no grayscale mode. The most important features of MS Paint are simple drawing tools that allow you to easily paint on a blank canvas or an existing image. In addition, Paint also includes cropping, resizing, rotating, tilting, and tool selection to further manipulate images. Paint is a lovingly simple program that offers very few advanced features. PotPlayer 64bit Torrent Download
It is very easy to use, even for beginners. The simple user interface has tools at the top left and menus at the top. The tips seem to provide guidance to the users, even if you do not really need them. The joy of Paint is to just play with tools and see what works of art you can create. With a few images, movements and clicks, you can create strange layouts with overlapping shape colors. You can delete sections, paint and draw freehand lines and addairbrus effects and text for many fonts. You can even add a transparent background. Do this on a blank canvas or imported image, and then set it as a desktop image on your computer. Although the tools available in Paint are limited, their artistic use is as limited as the user’s imagination. In addition, there are many articles online that reveal some of the surprisingly creative things MS Paint can do. Of course, Paint is criticized for being too simple, but those who want to make detailed graphic designs or manipulate images should look elsewhere. For example, Photoscape, Gimp and Krita have advanced tools, while being more user-friendly than Photoshop. Nostalgia and famous fans Part of MS Paint’s constant appeal is inevitably surrounded by nostalgia. Everyone who grew up or started using a computer in the 90’s knows and almost loves to paint. For many, it was the first time they realized that a computer could be used for art. Painting is not just loved by regular users. Even serious artists are fans of the program. The famous Beatle and artist Ringo Starr have used the application for decades and exhibited their paintings created with Paint. At the same time, the artist behind the massively successful internet blog, Jim’ll Paint It, uses his surreal and funny images of the audience with the help of Microsoft painting. The program was originally used to create a long-running collection of online series, MS Paint Adventures. The simplicity of Paint as a program denies the amazing creative results it can achieve. But anyone looking for an alternative to MS Paint will find a number of similar programs that also offer simple tools and features. PowerPaint lets you edit photos and create your own drawings, and MyPaint is perfect for beginners to digital artists, while EZ Paint is a direct alternative to the existing classic. list of graphic editing software. Nostalgia for the past, combined with the simplicity of the program, means that it maintains the loyal following for both amateurs and professional artists. Of course, it is dated and its functionality is limited. In addition, there are constant rumors that Microsoft will stop it. But for those looking for a sophisticated way to create simple art on a computer, MS Paint offers just enough to be versatile without exceeding your responsibilities..

Windows 10 AIO PT-BR 32/64 BITS ISO Download Torrent

Windows 10 AIO PT-BR 32/64 BITS ISO

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Windows 10 AIO PT-BR 32/64 BITS ISO

Windows 10 AIO PT-BR 32/64 BITS ISO

================================================ == == =====

==== ====

================================================ == == =====

This is the official ISO of Windows 10 AIO 32 & 64 bit in Portugal to Brazil, Lanada, No 29/07/2015, nothing else has been integrated as verses in ISO applications, nothing has changed, send original ISO




————————————————– – – ——————————


– Best in software shortcuts!


Essa a verso Pro Final lanada no dia 29/07/2015 oficial of Microsoft, ima ISO 32/64 bits embutido na mesmo ISO, idioma Portuguese Brazil, basta gravar em DVD-R Dual Laier or Pen Drive from 8 GB format seu PC You get a new version of Windows 10 Pro that is fully implemented in the new operating system.

Windows 10 Start Menu, if you haven’t removed Windows 8, personalization will be installed

==== ====

================================================ == == =====

Make ISO officially Windows 10 PRO X32 in Portugal, Brazil, Lanada, not on 07/29/2015.

————————————————– ——————————


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Camera torrent download


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Fun and Intuitive Camera for Mobile Phones Camera is a smartphone app that can be used with all existing apps. It’s easy to use and customers can choose from a number of effects within seconds. A big advantage of this package is that no previous experience is required. So this is a workable alternative to more complicated functions and uses, and while the development theory behind the camera is quite straightforward, it is designed to provide a seamless interface (user interface). It is therefore suitable for both children and adults. While there aren’t a huge number of editing options to choose from, this device is mostly defined by the many special effects that can be applied to an image. All of these are displayed at the bottom of the main screen. User can quickly swipe left or right to select desired function (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Other Details and Choices There are dozens of effects associated with the camera. A handful of these include grayscale, sepia, “beauty”, newsprint, retro, and swirls. A preview image is provided so the user can determine if the desired effect has been selected. Once the image is saved, it can be exported to another folder or device. WLan Driver 802 Torrent Download .

Windows 8 1 Ultimate Product Key Finder 13.10.1 download torrent

Windows 8 1 Ultimate Product Key Finder 13.10.1

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Windows 8 1 Ultimate Product Key Finder 13.10.1

Windows 8 1 Ultimate Product Key Finder 13.10.1

Windows Ultimate Product Key Finder

The purpose of the program is to move the keys and Windows to another version that contains the latest key journal

That’s nice in this program, how to deal with every program in the program and remove Balsoura

Activating the activation keys upon activation is easy and requires no experience.

Windows Product Key Finder Premium This program searches for licenses on different servers for the windows of each problem.

Keys that are updated daily for everyone This software is one of the best key window triggers


Net Framework

Internet connection

What’s New in a Version?

Updated several times a day in the premium version.

Add a new design.

Add product key installed.

Add permanent activation (after activation on Skype).

Add View current key.
Windows 10 Pro

All bugs fixed.

How to install:

NOTE: Keys, patches, stimulants, cracks, chargers, etc. are always scanned with the latest version of Avast Internet Security 2013 and Virustotal to avoid virus problems. Different antivirus programs can affect your antivirus in different ways. Deactivate your antivirus for 10 to 20 minutes and use the KeyGen to activate it..

Google Docs Lil boy download torrent

Google Docs

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Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs – Change Forever Google Docs are part of a list of Google products available on Google Cloud. It is a web-based web platform that allows you to create and edit documents and more. Google Docs projects are stored in Google Drive and allow you to collaborate in real time. All the necessary writing and editing functions are available, do you? What do we need? Google Docs is a great tool for writing, editing, collaborating, reviewing, sharing, and creating documents. It is highly integrated and compatible with other Google products, and is easily accessible via Google Drive. Document tasks are comprehensive and everything you need to create a document is easily accessible, from basic editing to job review and online work to separate file offline (function () {(‘review-app-page-) desktop’);} ); What are Google Plus documents? This web app has just changed the way we work. Each year, its use in professional settings has become more common and more common. People now prefer to share Google Docs links instead of embedding Word files as we used to. Editing and collaborating with Google Docs is very easy, and since most users can find it in real time, it’s easy to edit the same document without going back and sharing multiple versions of the same file. This greatly reduces the time and effort of inspecting and approving files, and changes can be made in real time to speed up the process. It is a very productive and efficient software, intuitive and easy to use. For professionals, this software is the best tool to use. A document is a treasure that can be used already for ongoing projects. You can put the project in a park where you can work at any time. It also eliminates the need to work on a specific device all the time, as Google accounts are synced on devices. Files are available wherever you sign in with this account. Je! What does not work with Google Docs? Sometimes the Google Docs file is not used for download and the format changes when the file is created in an offline application. Although you can make documents available for offline use, Google Docs works well on the web, which can be a problem when you’re offline or on the Internet. Also, it is still not uncommon in many professional working environments, but it is changing rapidly. Je! How does it compare to Microsoft Word? For many of us who are accustomed to using Microsoft Word again, we are well aware that the software is almost completely different. While Google Docs is simple and easy to use, it has a distinct interface to the Word documents we are accustomed to. In Documentation, integration is easier because it can be done in real time and does not require multiple file versions of the same function. Because Doc files are stored in Drive, you can retrieve them from any device, unlike Microsoft Word file, which is only stored on the device you created, unless you share it with someone or store it manually. on a cloud. . Some apps, like Evernote, OneNote, n.k., are also an alternative, but not comparable to the service. Je! What’s in Google and the last word in Google Docs? Google Docs have changed the way we personally work for professional documents. This app is fully integrated with Google products like Google Mail, Store, spreadsheet, calendar,addresses, and more. This makes the Google Family easier to use and more versatile. Google Chrome download free torrent The work done with it is available from anywhere and you just need to sign in to your Google account. Real-time integration is also one of the main reasons why it works so well. This program has changed the way we work and made remote and technical work easier..

PUBG Mobile torrent

PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

One of the Most Popular Battle Royale Games! PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular survival and adventure games. With the Windows version, you can enjoy fast, fast game sequences on the big screen. It’s easy to get addicted to games, especially with unpredictable gameplay and action-based action scenes. In the Battle Royale game developed by Tencent Games, 100 players compete against each other, alone on an island with a variety of non-orthodox weapons and items. Due to the multiplayer mode, PUBG for Windows has become very popular among users of action-packed survival games! PUBG Mobile, or Playerunknown Battlegrounds, is designed exclusively from the official mobile game. While you can enjoy the game on a larger screen, the game mimics maps, environments, challenges, weapons and more. In this online multiplayer game, you can enjoy very intensive and fast action (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); There is also a Player vs. Player shooting mode. Up to 100 players can fight to survive in a full scale die match. The last man standing wins the game. Survival is key in this strategy-based action adventure. Everything feels better on the big screen and you have more fun. Compared to Grand Theft Auto V and Project IGI, is this game more interesting with action games to play PUBG Mobile? As you begin the game, the plane drops all the players on a desert island. The only way to leave this island is to be the only one left alive. Since there are a maximum of 100 players involved in the game, it seems impossible to win a battle with a large number of participants. Unfortunately, developers expect you to learn from experience, and you will not find tutorials in Windows that are always famous for their interesting and abundant maps. With different fields and wide paths, you have to devise a solid strategy to survive. During the game you are easily attacked and you have to use different weapons to protect yourself. While playing the game, you will find many abandoned houses, buildings, factories and warehouses. Weapons are scattered in different locations on the big map. In fact, can you also use shields, equipment and other wearable items to deal with damage to your PUBG Mobile quickly? Compared to Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, PUBG Mobile is equipped with fast-paced action scenes. If you want to consider the game, it should be mentioned that the mechanics and rules are clear. All you have to do is attack, defend, defeat and defend. Interestingly, there are new threats at every step in the game. With enemies around you, it becomes difficult to avoid the silent mute, sniper, monster truck and royale games. PUBG Mobile is equipped with a shrinking security zone. Steam Dollar Torrent
If you move outside this zone, it will be more difficult to survive. It should be noted that the playing zone is getting smaller every minute. This forces you to face other players. Thus, there is no point in hiding and losing such action. You must always be vigilant,trying to kill you. It is okay to explore the unknown, you must be prepared for the worst. It is important to have a solid strategy for planning every movement. PUBG Mobile is an addictive, fun and challenging game with fast paced action. While it is not easy to win, is every minute worth of adventure you spend on PUBG Mobile a good choice for Windows? With the popularity of this game, this is just a matter of time before PUBG is available on various platforms. Tencent Games finally released PUBG for Windows, and that was an excellent result. PUBG Mobile even comes with an emulator, which allows users to emulate Android screens on Microsoft Windows computers. To make something interesting, you can use the emulator to play various other games like Auto Chess and Mobile PUBG Mobile, you do not have to worry about losing the latest events, versions and updates. Even without a mobile device, every feature of the game is accessible on your computer. Most importantly, PUBG for Windows lets you enjoy games on a larger screen, resulting in better performance and more engaging gameplay. Because the controls are easy to use and simple, you will not have trouble adjusting to the support of Windows keyboard and mouse, the game feels faster and more accurate. Like other FPS games, PUBG Mobile requires you to focus on games that are smoother and more flexible. While you may experience delays on Windows PCs, it will still be a fun journey without Mobile not being a heavy game and will work well on Windows PCs. Therefore, it does not affect system performance. If your Windows PC can play other FPS games without any problems, you will not have any problems with this. Without a doubt, PUBG Mobile is an excellent choice for hardcore PUBG fans and gamers interested in action and great action fighting games for Windows PC! Compared to other games in the action genre, PUBG Mobile offers a lot to fans, especially with the Windows version. It is more fun, exciting and full of adventure on the big screen. As this game tries to be creative every step of the way, you will never get bored or Mobile is available in various game modes and you can fight multiple players at once. One game mode even includes a zombie attack, which forces you to devise a strategy to defend yourself from the dead and the living. During the game, PUBG puts you on the edge of your seat so you can ride a rollercoaster..

Winamp Torrent Download


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Free media player for several years. Winamp is a standard free Windows media player. It’s been around for a few years now and knows exactly what users are doing and what they don’t like. It is regularly updated and replaced almost completely, if you have that person who still loves and uses a steady media player, maybe you will become a great Winamp? Winamp is an old media player for Windows. It is very flexible, easy to use and supports a large number of file formats, including MP3, MIDI, MOD, MPEG-1 audio layers 1 and 2, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV and WMA. The application also offers a small device that you can easily mount on the taskbar (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Winamp download and installation Winamp is a standard Windows program and should not create problems when installing or downloading. During installation, you will be asked if you want to make it the default player for certain file types and you will get the default installation option (good if you know what you are doing and have certain settings). In addition, the installation of Winamp is a very flexible vessel. Once everything is installed, you will need to open the options menu to access one of Winamp’s random architectural options. These are also very interesting ways to fix almost all aspects of the way an app looks, executes, manages files, or finds new media. If you like this type of testing, Winamp will provide you with hours of fun without even opening a media file! With a standard player Back in 2006, when Winamp was launched, we need to explain how to use it, but today we think you have a good idea how to keep it! When you first open the app, it will ask which music and video folders you want to merge and whether you want to import iTunes or not. Once resolved, you will see the file format on the left side of the window, and the media is currently playing in the middle. At the top you have a playlist editor and a playlist search function, and at the bottom a media monitor that automatically imports any new media it detects (say from the web or streaming services. The main window only opens when you open When just playing music or sound, the device has a small When the main window is open, you can use the card to view your video, the complete media library, a retro image of what is being played, or even the basic browser. when it was announced that Winamp was back with a new upcoming media player program.pya focuses on mobile media players.which works perfectly on all platforms and plays all media sources (music, streaming services, etc.) via one However, as an additional sign to their (many!) loyal fans, they also released this updated version for W indows. and a player that just works Easy to laugh at Winamp. It has been around for years, it seems to be its age, and the last few years, in particular, have been stuck stuck in “a kind of limbo technology – but it’s still a math program. For Winamp millions (yes, millions) of users around the world. think about using anything else.His skin, flexible and fully functional, and for many a complete alternative to streaming apps with the intimidating iTunes.Try it out – you might be more interested in it than you think!Another good option is VLC Media Player. What’s new The latest version of Winamp has recently leaked. This version is the official version and is customized to be more stable for users..